Haul #1 Primark

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sooo, I'm doing a haul for you all. I love affordable, high-street fashion and I think Primark is the place to be for that. Primark is always hit or miss. Sometimes I go in and don't see anything I like, but other times I go in and do find some nice items. 

Faux Leather Rucksack (€12) | Faux Leather Tote (€14)

I don't know why, but when I go to the bag/shoe/accessorize section in Primark first, I find nicer things when I go to the clothing section. I don't know what it is, but it's true! When I went over to all of the bags, I didn't really see anything. All bags looked really fake and I didn't like the styles at all. Until I saw these two bags. The first one I saw was this leather rucksack. The quality is surprisingly good, the fake leather is really soft and well made. It's a bit out of my comfort-zone, but I loved it so much that I just wanted to have it. The next bag I saw just when I wanted to leave the bag section and I snatched it up because this looks like a dupe, and not just a dupe.. but a dupe of a dupe! It reminded me of the Zara Office City bag, which is a dupe of the oh so famous Prada Tote bag. It does smell a bit, but after a few uses that fades away, so no worries. It has a big compartment in the middle, and two big zip pockets on the sides where I store personal items. The quality isn't as good as the rucksack, but it's pretty good for Primark.

Sunglasses (€2.50) | Pink Necklace (€4) | Chunky Necklace (€6) | Clutch (€5)

 Next I saw this faux leather clutch which I just fell in love with. I love pastel colors, so I love this clutch. I think this is gonna be such a staple this spring/summer. I've seen lots of crunched up clutches on the runway, especially Burberry. So I think this will be good to use as an actual clutch, but also for in your bag to put all of your personal things in and to have everything a bit organized. Next are these two necklaces. I never dared the whole "statement necklace" trend because eeeveryone was wearing them and let's say it just was a bit out of my comfort-zone. But, these were so cheap that I decided to hop onto the bandwagon and try it out. I love these because they aren't too much out there. They're just right for me. And last but not least, I saw these sunnies. And I just wanted them. So I bought them.

Striped Blouse (€9) | White Dress (€15)

Now on to clothing, first this red and white striped blouse with a cute lil' collar on it. I saw this and thought it was really fun and out there. Great for the summer with a bandeau bra underneath and some white shorts.
Next is this dress, and I know it's kind of wrinkled, but you get the point. :) It has a really fine, see-through area up top and on the sleeves, and the rest is a bit thicker and comes down to my knee. It fits really nicely and I love how static and straight the collar is on this. I think this would look really cute with sneakers but you could dress it up with heels as well. It was also a bit more expensive than I'm used to from Primark, just so you know.

Blue Shirt (€7) | Sweater (€10)

Next item is this baby blue shirt. When I saw it, I just knew I had to have it. I love this color for spring/summer, especially this year. Pastels are just really hot atm. It's a little bit of a thicker material so perfect when it's a bit chilly out. I bought it in a very big size so that it would be a bit loose. And I believe they have many different colors of this, so there's something for everyone. Now on to something that is a little less me, but something that I love nevertheless. It's this sweater, and I love it! Love the pink detail, that's really what sold me to be honest. But also the big bold letters that say "Lucky 82". This actually covers my entire butt and could almost be considered a dress, so I this would look really cool with some distressed shorts peaking right underneath and some sneakers. 

Skort (€11)

And last but not least, THE SKORT HIT PRIMARK! This one looks veeeery similar to the Zara one, and I wanted that for some time now. The only difference is the material. Something that I can't quite put my finger on. It's very lightweight and I can't imagine that it would be sticky in the summer. It's a combination of polyster, viscose and elastane. But that doesn't mean it's bad quality at all, I feel like it quite decent actually, but it's just a bit different.

So tell me, what do you think of my new items? And what spring/summer trend have you been loving? XO,


  1. Love the handbag and the clutch!

    Sarah x

  2. Ah, I'm so jealous! I love all of your purchases!



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