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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hello my dear readers! The past week I've been trying to digg up some of this year's A/W trends & essentials so that I can make 1 big report on all of the hot fashion staples this season. Now I've been looking at the Zara and H&M site for weeks, and I was loving so many things that I really wanted to show some of the high-fashion trends found in high street/afforadable stores. So let's get started!

First of all, lets talk about all the colors that are hot this season. The thing with A/W colors is that most colors are classic, autumnal colors that never go out of fashion. Some colors leave for the season and some colors are add onto the colorpalette. Colors like burgendy, navy, black, white, and grey are classic A/W colors. A color that is new this year is GREEN! And not just khaki green, because that's a classic too, but all types of green. Emerald green, pastel green, birght green, peacock green. It's all hot this season. What I love about these colors is that they all go really well with all haircolors. Expect for mustard yellow and brown. If you're a brunette stay a way from brown, at least if you agree that it doesn't suit brown haired gals. I think brown makes everything too much brown if you're a brunette (especially if you have brown eyes as well). Mustard yellow I don't find flattering on blondes AT ALL. I think it makes blonde hair dull & not as vibrant, because it's such an overpowering color. Brunettes and mustard yellow is definitely a yes! This year is also all about GREY, and for us, in this era, grey is a staple. Every season it comes back. But this season it's really big, you can rock grey in pretty much every shape.

A classic texture for A/W is leather. And once again it's BIG this season. And not just leather jackets, shoes and bags but leather everything! Leather pants, tops, dresses and more. This season you can do anything with leather. Another trend that has come back is the knit. Big knits, small knits, colorful knits, it's all hot this season. It goes hand in hand with the beloved FUZZ! Fuzzy sweaters & coats are not only super comfy and warm but also such a statement piece this season! And I'm talking actual fuzz, but also furr.

Prints in general are big this year. Some classics like tartan, hounds tooth and stripes have been spotted again. Which I love! I think you can't go wrong with a classic. But something new like nature prints has been seen everywhere on the catwalk. So not just floral, but everything nature related. Animal prints are big this year as well. I used to hate leopard print so much a few years ago, but now I love a little accessorie in it.. Like shoes and bags. Keds and Vans both have cute little sneakers in leopord print, but Zara and Steve Madden also have many flats in leopord print. Zara also has some bags with leopord print accents, and I just love it!

This year silhouettes are easy. EVERYTHING IS IN STYLE. Mini or maxi, oversized or tailored, straight or flared, it's all okay this season. My personal favorite has to be the oversized look. I bought an oversized, "boyfriend" coat from Primark a few weeks a go and I love it. I'm saving it for when it's really cold outside and hopefully snowing!

Statement pieces
And now onto my favorite, the statement/key pieces this season.

1. The Cape (scarf)
2. The Oversized Coat
3. The Over-The-Knee/Thigh High Boots
4. The Ankle Booties
5. The Fuzzy Sweater
6. The Leather Dress
7. The Big, Floppy Hat
8. The Sporty Pants
9. The Mini Skirt
10. The Turtleneck Sweater

Here are a few of my favorite items from the highstreet that are in stores now! So if you see something you like you can go out and buy it or just use it for some inspo!

1a & 1b

2a & 2b

3a & 3b

4a & 4b

5a & 5b

6a & 6b

7a & 7b

8a & 8b

9a & 9b

10a & 10b

H&M: 1a, 5b, 9b, 10a
Zara: 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, 4a, 5a, 6a, 6b, 8b
Asos: 3b, 7b, 8a, 9a
Weekday: 4b
River Island: 10b
Monki: 7a

If you have any questions please leave a comment! XO

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